Science confirmation – Lavender even helps to relax

Against stress and anxiety, forget the medicines. This plant has the same effect.

The relaxing effect was confirmed in the laboratory, where the test was done in rats. Lavender is indeed the best ally for a quiet and chemical-free life.

Whether it’s the scent of a fresh plant in a pot, in oil, to put in the body or bath water or even in candle shape – the effects outweigh those of certain soothing medicines like Valium or Xanax.

The effect appears to be especially effective when inhaling the aroma and not when it is absorbed by the lungs. Experts point to benzodiazepines as ‘culprits’ for the soothing effect.

Although effective, it should be noted that different individuals respond to odours in different ways, so the relaxing effect of lavender will be felt differently by different humans.

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