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SCM creates Social Fund for its members

The Cape Verdean Music Society (SCM) has just regulated the Social Fund, created to support its members, given the effects of COVID-19, which has been plaguing the country and the world.

The fund’s regulations were approved at a meeting of the Board of Directors, held on the 5th of this month. Managed by a Commission, the fund consists of an amount of one million escudos, distributed in the individual amount of ten thousand escudos, explains the same source.

Cooperators can benefit from the Social Fund, in full enjoyment of their rights, in a proven situation of economic need, as well as in a proven health emergency situation, residing in Cape Verde.

Each application file must contain the application form, duly completed, or, alternatively, a letter addressed to the Board of the Cape Verdean Music Society.

This application must also include the cooperator’s identification documents, NIB or bank account number, declaration by the cooperator confirming that he lives exclusively from his artistic activity and that he is inactive and a declaration by the applicant of the veracity of the declarations made.

The application for access to the Social Fund can be filed, starting today, and the application will end within fifteen days after the public disclosure of its opening.

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