Scooters Flash begin operating in Coimbra (with discounts)

The company Flash today celebrated with the Academic Association of Coimbra a partnership that guarantees to students more favorable conditions of use of electric scooters, managed through an application with a map of parking places.

This new micro-mobility company is the second to be installed in the city of Coimbra, having already received a green light from the autarchy chaired by Manuel Machado.

Flash will from now on “collaborate with the municipality in improving the mobility of the county, believing that the population of Coimbra now has another option of mobility, to the detriment of automobiles,” the company said in a statement released today.

“Coimbra gave us this vote of confidence and I am sure we will work closely with the municipality in developing the future mobility of the city,” says Felix Petersen, General Director of the company in Portugal.

The European company, which already operates in Lisbon and Faro, promises to place on the streets of Coimbra a fleet of scooters that will include two models, one of them exclusive to the company.

“The new model was designed to allow a safer and more complete driving experience with reinforced suspensions, double brakes, signaling leds, and larger wheels,” says Flash, adding that the scooter will have support to put the mobile phone can be charged to a USB port.

The partnership with the Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC), signed today, signals the start of the operation. Under the agreement, the company will distribute, in the coming weeks, 2,000 vouchers with five free trips every five minutes for students.

“This partnership seeks to promote sustainable mobility among young people, encouraging them also to behave responsibly, through safe driving and the correct parking of equipment,” the company said.

In the presentation session of the project, the president of the AAC said that “it is important that transport companies such as Flash create solutions that truly meet the students’ travel needs.”

The unlocking of the Flash trout will cost one euro per minute and cost € 0.15 per minute. To encourage the correct parking of vehicles, the company will offer a discount of 50% in the unlocking of the trip to all users who park in the parking areas indicated by the Municipality of Coimbra.

“By collaborating with cities in public space planning, Flash is currently the only operator of electric scooters to show parking spots in their APP, making life easier for users. By applying Flash at the time of parking, users they can find out which places are closest, to leave the scooters, “the company said.

Flash is the second operator of scooters to be installed in Coimbra. In February, the Chamber of Coimbra formalized an agreement with the company Lime for the installation and operation of a system of sharing of electric scooters, which went into operation on March 1st.

The advantages of this means of transport, in particular in terms of the environment, justify encouraging its use, argued Manuel Machado at the time, stressing that, however, this is a “challenge”, particularly for its users and residents of the city, “on whose basis the” good use of public space “depends.

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