“If you come to save me” is Mónica Teotónio’s new single with Latte

After the debut success “Todos as dias”, followed by “Tête-à-Tête”, songs written by Mónica Teotónio and João Só, in a unique partnership between the two artists, Mónica Teotónio’s first collaboration appears.

In a moving ballad, “Se me vens salvar” combines Latte’s voice with that of Mónica Teotónio, in a harbinger of hope about love today.

“This song was one of the first to be written, at a time when I was discredited in relationships, in uncommitted commitments and comes as a cry for help, for salvation, so that somehow love was/is taken more seriously. From me to me.” says the artist.

Born into a family of artists, it is in music that she finds the space and voice to show hidden texts, but alongside all this, Mónica Teotónio also takes on other roles in the artistic world as a producer not only of music videos but also of advertising. It is on these two beaches that the artist feels fulfilled and it is with this new single that she intends to show that her Pop and bold timbre are here to stay.

Still about “Se me vens salvar”, the singer states “It’s one of my favourite songs, I hear and feel everything I wrote. Since I started releasing songs I feel like I’ve become a little more fragile, I’ve given myself space to feel more, write about what I feel, and talk about, and it’s been a new thing to allow myself to accept the days when it’s okay not to be all good.”

This song talks about the difficulty of total surrender in love. “We live running, we love running, we forget that in love there are also days of lack of love and that learning to live them is also to love,” adds Monica.

After presenting this single in one of their first concerts, and inviting Latte to accompany her, the artists felt the need to unite their voices in this song, and this collaboration was born.

This is Mónica Teotónio’s third single, which again features production from João Só, in a Pop ballad, with its distinct timbre, which we can listen to today on all digital platforms.

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