“Se o inverno durar” by Pedro e os Lobos now available on all platforms

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There are bands that, even in times of adversity, continue to do everything in their power to give us good music. Pedro e os Lobos are an example. “Se o inverno durar” it is his latest single.

In the words of Pedro Galhoz, mentor and composer of Pedro e os Lobos, this new single “is a theme in which the message of hope is present, but also other powerful spices, such as determination, knowing how to resist and believing that there is one after the storm”. With regard to musical influences “it points to the influence of some classics that I admire, such as Beck, Neil Young, R.E.M or even Pink Floyd”.

But the year 2020 was not just about editing music. Pedro e os Lobos, when it was possible, managed to return to the stage in complete safety “we try to continue, making music is, above all, a pleasure that cannot even shake, the return to concerts was above all a feeling of freedom, however, the first concert in which we saw the audience wearing a mask was a really strange experience, as if an important color was missing in an almost perfect picture”, Pedro Galhoz tells us.

If winter lasts is it the last single to come out of  Depois da Tempestade? Pedro Galhoz gives us some clues about the near future “I still don’t know if this will be the last single, because the storm is there to last, however, I can say that we are working on several fronts and something new will arrive in the spring, or maybe recycled”.

Even before the confinement in March 2020, Pedro e os Lobos edited the album Depois da Tempestade. From that same disc came the singles Corro com o vento and Dançar ao moão. Now, “Se o inverno durar”.

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