Second edition of the Loop takes to the Fair two absolute premieres

The second edition of the Loop – Urban Dance Festival takes on November 9 and 10, Santa Maria da Feira, four ‘workshops’ and four shows on this slope of contemporary dance, two of which are in absolute debut.

The initiative takes place in several spaces of the Imaginarius Creation Center and the Cineteatro António Lamoso, and aims to “explore and deconstruct” the language of urban dance, “providing an intimate experience between creators and the public “.

In practice, it is also a question of “creating opportunities in the professional field of urban dances for young dancers and emerging choreographers”, promoting among these creators “a space of introspection” that helps the dissemination and affirmation of their careers.

Imaginarius Creation Center will host four workshops for dance professionals and students under the direction of the dancers and choreographers Anaísa Lopes (also known as Piny), Deeogo Oliveira, Renato García and the Spanish Aina Lanas.

After the formative component of the event, the festival will go to the Cineteatro António Lamoso and then the spectacles in absolute debut will be two: ‘Sacred Geometry’ and ‘(In) sane’.

In the first case, the piece designed by Piny starts from the idea of geometry and visual compositions to apprehend the “sacred power of perfection that can never be achieved.” With six other dancers on stage, the artist will cross over records such as House, Vogue, Breakdance, Hip Hop and Belly Dancing, “trying to create an experimental body that floats between the various vocabularies, drawing style, using form and leaving the content necessary to the speech “.

Renato Garcia’s (In) sane, “In the sane,” proposes to explore how “the rupture with capitalism originates a libidinal energy from which emerges a new urban tribe, electronically linked to a culture of Japanese genesis.” Dance and music will combine “in a hallucinogenic urban climate inspired by the whole Vaporwave culture,” drawing an abstract narrative that “wanders the eccentricity of the pop image” and the recycling of electronic sounds.

The two other performances planned for the Loop are Deeogo Oliveira’s ‘Solo’ and ‘Aye-Nah’ by Spanish singer Aina Lanas.

The first results from a project by Manuel Tur and the ‘breakdancer’ Deeogo Oliveira from the “Survival Manual for Transparent Man, Built-in 25 Steps by Luís Araújo.” On the stage, only Deeogo Oliveira will be present, but the show represents “an encounter between two distinct, perhaps opposing creators”, whose paths “are disparate, varied and perhaps distant”, but that after the first encounter in production “to mada nada” they joined as a dancer-author and actor-director to test “the body as a tool and the word as primacy”.

The Loop ends later with ‘Ayeh-Nah’, which marks the beginning of the partnership between the Feira festival and its congenial HOP in Barcelona. Based on a personal story of the dancer Aina Lanas, who choreographs and directs all the work, the show starts from a “feeling of great disgust” and develops to the rhythm of the struggle “with an oppressed mind and an immense will and go and reconnect with a peaceful pace. “

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