Secretary of State points to IPS as “excellent business card” for the job market

8th Employability Week inaugurated today by Miguel Cabrita

The Assistant Secretary of State for Labor and Vocational Training, Miguel Cabrita, opened today the 8th Employability Week of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) with an appeal to young people to invest in “solid higher education”, but don’t miss out on a view to a “continuous investment in skills and qualifications” once they are integrated into the labour market.

The official, who was speaking at the opening session, warned of the existence of an “increasingly competitive labour market”, but for “good reasons”. “Today, most workers have higher education, and that is why it is essential for each one, throughout life, to update this education”.

This 8th edition, which repeats the exclusively online format started in 2021, is a joint organization with the IPS Academic Association and will have the participation of around 170 companies and organizations, through presentation and recruitment sessions, covering the different IPS training areas.

According to Ângela Lemos, vice president of IPS, who also spoke at the opening session, this “ability to always be in tune with organizations” is one of the factors that explain the good results of the IPS in terms of employability, with which places it in 2nd place in the context of the polytechnic subsystem and in 5th position in the overall higher education.

Finally, the Secretary of State set the tone for the first conference of the event, “The post-Covid19 job market“, promoted by representatives of three companies, all of them IPS graduates, remembering that the pandemic “accelerated changes that were already in progress course, showing the importance, both for the worker and for the employer, of being prepared and available for new forms of work, such as teleworking, and of realizing which are the most appropriate in each context”.

In addition to the possibility of direct interaction between students and potential employers, which culminates in the Job Fair, scheduled for the 9th and 10th of March, the IPS Employability Week is back to focus on several other moments where networking and sharing knowledge and contacts, as is the case of the “Talking to…” format, scheduled for tomorrow, the 8th, between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

Over these five days, initiatives are also planned that will help future professionals to identify and overcome the fears that usually affect those who are about to enter the job market and also to understand how their presence in the digital world is evaluated. Promoted by Miguel Gonçalves, from Magma Studio, the lecture “Socorro! I’m about to finish the course and… I don’t seem to know anything!” will take place this afternoon, at 15:00. The workshop “How to assess our presence in the digital world?” is reserved for the 11th, the last day of the event, from 14:30, being in charge of Marco Gouveia, responsible for the Digital Marketing School and winner of the Digitalks Award 2020.

The detailed program of the 8th Employability Week can be consulted on the IPS portal, at

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