See how you can make your own disinfectant solution at home

If you are worried because your disinfectant gel is over, see how you can create your own disinfectant with ingredients you have at home!

You can make your own disinfectant solution with an ingredient that you certainly have on your shelf: white vinegar.

As an article published in the American magazine Women’s Health explains, vinegar has a disinfectant activity, being it an acetic acid, which has the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Although commercial disinfectants are slightly more effective, you can use the vinegre technique for urgent and necessary moments.

@ Women’s Health Magazine

Although there is still little scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of vinegar as a disinfectant, the truth is that some studies have found that vinegar has highly antibacterial properties.

A specific study found that vinegar solutions or compresses can actually have this antibacterial effect, decreasing the presence of bacteria like Salmonella.

Although you can use cider and wine vinegars, white vinegars are the most effective because they are more acidic, between 4 to 7% acetic acid.

According to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), to create your antibacterial solution you must combine vinegar with water in a 1: 1 solution.

Vinegar can also be used on surfaces such as glass, windows, walls, cabinets, on the floor, sinks, hoods and coffee makers.

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