PRAXX season 2 premieres this Friday

Prime Video

Prime Video premieres this Friday, February 17, the second season of PRAXX. The six episodes are available on the same day on Prime Video.

The series stars Madalena Almeida (Até Que a Vida Nos Separe), João Jesus (3 Mulheres), Catarina Rebelo (Terra Nova), Jason Fernandez (Welcome to Eden), and the well-known Brazilian actor Roberto Bomtempo (Forever).

The series tells an impactful fictional story, inspired by real events, which reflects the insecurity of young people, the desire for acceptance, the influence of university organizations, and the value of friendship. The series follows the story of six young university students who died in a ritual gone wrong.

In PRAXX, six university students will spend the weekend away to celebrate their promotion to a prestigious academic association. Fun turns to terror when the six young people drown under suspicious circumstances. Marta, the sister of one of the victims, is convinced that the fatal accident was the result of a practice carried out by the leader of the association, and only survivor, Gonçalo Vilar. Marta’s obsession puts her on the trail of the association that wants to prevent her from reaching the truth at all costs.

Produced by SIC and Santa Rita Filmes, the six-episode series is directed by Patrícia Sequeira, who is also a writer, together with Ana Lúcia Carvalho, and executive produced by Susana Sequeira.

The series joins Prime Video’s growing catalog of Portuguese content, which includes series such as Operation Maré Negra, Chegar a Casa, A Crónica dos Bons Malandros or documentaries such as Factory of Dreams: Benfica and Quintana: Um Guerreiro Extraordinário.

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