Seixal Theater Festival starts Friday

Among the premieres are four plays by so many other companies in the county, such as “A Pulga atrás da orelha”, with which Teatro da Terra (Seixal) returns to the work of George Feydeau (1862-1921), one of the French playwrights linked to the genre ´vaudeville`, says a note from the organization.

“Atalhos (Ou sobre o caminho mais comprido entre dois pontos)” (20th), a creation by Teatro do Vestido, with text and direction by Joana Craveiro, also premieres at the event, which ends on December 5th.

“O mundo é redondo”, a creation by Teatro do Bairro / Ar de Filmes, a theater adaptation of a text by Gertrude Stein, translated by Luísa Costa Gomes and staged by António Pires, is the play that opens the festival.

Like the opening, marked by the presentation of a play that was distinguished by the Portuguese Society of Authors in 2019 as Best Theater Show, the festival also closes with an award-winning play.

“O sr. Ibrahim e as flores do Corão”, a creation of the Teatro Meridional, with a scenic version and interpretation by Miguel Seabra, which was the Audience Award in the 2012 edition of the Almada Theater Festival, is the play that closes the edition this year’s festival.

“Não se ganha, não se paga!”, A creation by Teatro Ubu (Almada) based on the homonymous work by the Italian playwright and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997, Dario Fo, interpreted and staged by Ana Nave, is another of the shows that included in the program (on the 21st) and that presents, for the first time, roaming.

Among the shows to be presented by local companies are, among others, “A…guardando”, by the Animateatro (on the 27th) and “A família invisível”, by the Teatro Fusion (December 3).

“A força do hábito” (December 4), a text by Thomas Bernhard that Nuno Carinhas staged for Teatro das Beiras, is another of the festival’s proposals (December 4).

In addition to the two municipal buildings that are the main stages of the event, the Seixal Cultural Forum and S. Vicente Cinema, in the village of Paio Pires, the shows also host other rooms in that municipality on the south bank of the Tagus, such as the Espaço Animateatro, the Sociedade Filarmónica Operária Amorense, Association of Friends of Pinhal do General, Philharmonic Society União Arrentelense, Association of Residents of Redondos and Ginásio Clube de Corroios.

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