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Seixal World Music 2024

May 31, June 1 and 2 at Parque Urbano José Afonso, Miratejo

This weekend, Seixal World Music returns for three days dedicated to promoting tolerance, knowledge and peace among people, through music and other cultural expressions from the most diverse geographies.

This year, Maria Mazzotta, from Italy, Buba Espinho, from Portugal, Lucibela, from Cape Verde, Bandua, from Portugal, 47SOUL, from Palestine, and Pongo, from Angola, take to the stage at the festival.

In addition to music, there will be no shortage of the traditional space dedicated to immigrant associations in the municipality of Seixal, always with lots of entertainment, gastronomy, crafts and much more.

The initiative is free to enter and is part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April.

May 31, Friday

4 pm
Opening of restaurant spaces

Maria Mazzotta

9 pm
Maria Mazzotta | Italy

Maria Mazzotta’s unique versatility is what makes her one of the most important voices in the music scene of the Italian region of Apulia and also in world music. Since 2020, the year that marked her solo debut with the release of the album «Amoreamaro», she has covered thousands of kilometres, performing more than 200 concerts in more than 25 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Her new album, «Onde», combines Maria Mazzotta’s visceral interpretation with the electric sounds of post-rock, creating an original and profound union.

Buba Espinho convida Bandidos do Cante < 2024.01.24 < CCB ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

11 pm
Buba Espinho | Portugal

Buba Espinho is a young singer from Beja. From an early age, he has lived and felt roots music intensely, through the hand of his father, also a musician, who passed on to him the important mission of preserving it.

Traditional Portuguese music has Buba Espinho as one of its most important spokespersons today. Despite his young age, Buba crosses musical genres like no one else and travels from cante to fado with the same mastery with which he dominates national pop music and the most urban and current sounds.

Buba’s most recent performances establish him as the singer-songwriter that had been awakening within him for a long time and are the result of his entire experience in Beja and in the world of roots music, fado and more recently pop.

June 1, Saturday

4 pm
​Opening of restaurant spaces


9 pm
Lucibela | Cape Green

It was the windward, Ilha de São Nicolau, in Creole Son Niklau, Saniklau, recognized as the cradle of Cape Verdean intellectuality, that saw Lucibela born in the mid-80s. Her first album, «Laço Umbilical», took her through the intimate path between being and earth, giving a sublime voice to classic and prestigious Cape Verdean composers, in a prism of maturation that quickly led her to be part of some of the biggest festivals and venues around the world.

In tribute to the Cape Verdean woman, and to all women, «Amdjer», her second album, highlights the strength and joy of living, despite the anguish and challenges of everyday life.

Live, the feeling involved in the genuine musical tradition of the Cape Verdean soul radiates. Her mastery, and vocal and interpretative potential place her among the great voices of today.

11 pm
Bandua | Portugal

Bandua takes the popular songbook from the Beira Baixa region and approaches it with an electronic folk reinterpretation.

Conceived by the Portuguese-Brazilian musician and producer Tempura the Purple Boy, now residing in Berlin, and by the singer and versatile Portuguese musician, Edgar Valente, Bandua represents the first time that these sounds, poems and songs are transformed into an electronic pop sound of Portuguese language.

June 2, Sunday

4 pm
​Opening of restaurant spaces


20 horas
47Soul | Palestina

A banda palestina 47Soul lançou as sementes do shamstep, um género que reúne influências do hip-hop, da música eletrónica e do R&B, fundindo-as com os sons do dabke, uma dança folclórica tradicional, e outras músicas de raízes shaa’bi, da região do Levante. As letras das suas músicas misturam árabe e inglês e apelam à celebração e festa na luta pela igualdade em todo o mundo.

Depois do sucesso do EP «Shamstep», a banda lança, em fevereiro de 2018, «Balfron Promise», um álbum com influências mistas entre a contemporaneidade londrina e os últimos 100 anos de controvérsia política do Médio Oriente. «Balfron Promise» está repleto de mensagens socialmente relevantes e inteligentemente escritas, integrando todos os elementos de uma transbordante e pulsante declaração de liberdade de expressão.

Em 2020 o grupo lança o álbum «Semitics», com a colaboração de nomes como Lowkey, Fedzilla e Shadia Mansour.

9 pm
Pongo | Angola

Known as the queen of kuduro, Pongo is a force of nature, both on and off the stage. Her contagious energy and notorious creativity mean that the singer and dancer mixes her musical heritage with rhythms that give us goosebumps from the first beat.

In songs like the nostalgic «Kuzola» or the electrifying «Bruxos», kuduro mixes with pop, EDM and a language that only Pongo can offer us, travelling between Kimbundu and Portuguese and mesmerizing us with your delivery.

Following her acclaim in media outlets such as the “New York Times” and the BBC, Pongo has toured festivals all over the world, currently promoting her latest album, “Sakidila”.

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