Selina opens new hotel in Porto and wants to invest 100 million in Portugal

The Selina brand announced today an investment of 100 million euros to create 7,500 beds in the next four years in Portugal, having chosen Baixa do Porto to officially open the first unit this month.

“We predict that the entire development of the brand in Portugal will amount to around 100 million euros,” said today the president of the Selina brand for Portugal, Teresa Moreira, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the first unit in Portugal, which was born in Rua das Oliveira of Porto, with 190 beds and a total investment of 10 million euros.

Selina, a company that was born in 2014 in Panama (Central America) and whose main market is represented by the digital nomads, plans to create in the next four years 7,500 beds in Portugal, added Teresa Moreira.

“We want to have a very wide offer”, assumes the brand president for Portugal, explaining that the concept of Selina is beyond the local accommodation, which offers common spaces such as movie theatre, library and kitchen.

Selina also offers open spaces to the local community as in the case of Porto where there is an interior garden dedicated to wellness and rest, as well as spaces to taste some of the gastronomy of the country, to work in ‘cowork’, a model of work which is based on the sharing of office space and resources and what is “chain apportionment”, assume.

The investment of 100 million euros in Portugal passes through several places already identified by Selina.

In addition to Porto, the brand wants to expand to the city of Lisbon, with the first unit planned to open in February 2019, Ericeira, Vila Nova de Milfontes (Alentejo), Douro (North), Albufeira and Lagos (Algarve) , Peniche (Center) and archipelago of the Azores, listed Teresa Moreira, noting that each Selina “adapts its unity to the local reality.”

“We vary from remote places, where we can give the unit a more character of retreat, how we get to go to urban places, or places focused on well-being and surf, or more festivals,” said Teresa Moreira. locations are selected based on the interests of the digital nomadic market.

The brand wants to create “7,500 beds in the next four years” and the investment that Selina puts per bed is “five thousand euros of direct investment”, the other 50% is investment from the part of the real estate, said Teresa Moreira.

Selina plans to open in 2019 the second unit in Porto, also in downtown, with the goal of reaching 260 beds.

The brand aims to open the second unit in the Portuguese capital by the end of 2020 and will be “in an old palace”, revealed Isabel Afonso, director of the new hostel in Selina do Porto.

The goal of Selina is to reach “2020 with a total of 54 thousand beds and by 2022 be present all over the world,” said Isabel Afonso, during the presentation of the Porto unit, which will work for 25 people (90% Portuguese ), noting that in Europe they are currently expanding in the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, and that future will also reach Asia.

Selina do Porto, the 29th unit of the brand in the world assumes that it intends to propose “guest experiences”, but also to the local community, namely to be a space for local artists to work and propose projects.

“We want to be the city’s new public space, a new city garden,” they declare during the presentation to the media, saying that the brand’s mission is “to build a global movement where people can live, work and have experiences while relating to each other. “

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