Global Education Week 2021 challenges young people to design a more solidary world

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The 2021 Global Education Week began yesterday, in Porto, with the first training action. The Municipality promotes the event, organized in a total of eight sessions, in person and online.

The challenge of the “Global Education 2021 Week: Training Multipliers for Global Education” was launched to young people and youth organizations in the city of Porto, youth workers and teachers, so that they project a fairer and more sustainable world, taking advantage of global education as a tool for change and solidarity.

The first presentation session took place yesterday, Wednesday, in online format, from 14:00 to 16:30.

As an initiative of the North-South Center of the Council of Europe to which the city of Porto is associated, the Global Education Week 2021 is, in fact, much longer than the time period to which it refers, developing over five face-to-face sessions and three digital training actions.

It was designed to support the reflection and construction of community projects developed by young people, who stand out in the presentation of ideas and solutions that contribute to greater democratic participation, tolerance and intercultural dialogue.

More info and schedule here.

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