Señoritas leave this month with a concert in Lisbon

The Señoritas leave this month with a concert in Lisbon, founded by Mitó Mendes and Sandra Baptista, will give a final concert on the 30th, in Lisbon, finishing a Portuguese music project founded three years ago, was announced today.

The concert “of a celebration of what were the Señoritas leave this month with a concert in Lisbon” is scheduled for the 30th at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium in Lisbon, explained Sandra Baptista.

It’s a very current project, very intimate, it only makes sense if we keep that energy and we did not feel like giving continuity. It’s part of life, it does not make sense to continue with this format, but we can do other things, we do not know“, said.

The Señoritas leave this month with a concert in Lisbon, the first concerts in May of 2016, in a project that was born after the end of the Naifa.

In a message on the official Facebook page, they wrote today: “We already have two records in our luggage, many shows, many friends and beautiful stories to tell. The time has come to make a stop, and with the freedom we started, we decided to stop.

When the first album came out that year, titled ‘I think it’s my duty not to like it’, Mitó Mendes spoke in the approach to music as a catharsis: “Who does not like, patience, we do not want to feel conditioned. we have and the songs came out of pure joy.

We are two women, we talk about our daily lives, so it is normal to say that this is a project of the feminine universe. It is a project with a personality but also with experience. Doing something like this at 40 has another flavour and relaxation, “said Sandra Baptista.

In 2018 they released the second album, ‘The Missing That I Do Not Have’.

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