Sergio Crivelli seasons Feast of the Italian Republic in Porto

Specialties from the chef at the well-known Ristorante Italiano de Matosinhos make it possible to bridge distances and quench the nostalgia of many transalpine residents living in Portugal.

The Feast of the Italian Republic in Portugal has a special flavor for the more than 33,000 Italians residing in our country. And, for what is the fifth community of foreigners to live in Portuguese lands, it will not be just distance and homesickness that will do wonders on the night of next Sunday (June 4). This is because the event – the Italian national holiday which celebrates (on June 2) the institutional referendum that allowed the transalpine people to decide at the ballot box the country’s form of government after World War II – has one of its epicenters in Porto and the night will be seasoned with some of the distinctive specialties of chef Sergio Crivelli.

Having lived in Portugal for decades, and at one of the most genuine Italian restaurants in the north, it will be up to chef Sergio Crivelli to give flavor to the event that, at the Pestana Palácio do Freixo, the Consulate of Italy in Porto organizes for around 350 guests. And in which both the ambassador and the honorary consul of Italy will be present, but also the president of ASCIP – Associazione Socio-Culturale Italiana del Portogallo, among other dignitaries, including Portuguese, and Italians residing in the north of Portugal.

Ravioli with truffles, ricotta and spinach ravioli with donkey and sage, and mixed meat skewers marinated in balsamic olive oil from Modena are some of the specialties that will fill the event. But there are always surprises in the oven!…

“I have collaborated in recent years in the gastronomic aspect of the event and I do it with great pleasure because I am a citizen of both countries and it turns out to be another way of strengthening the union between both and seeing old friends”, explains Chef Sergio Crivelli. What does he add that “the initiative always takes place on the first Sunday after the 2nd of June, an Italian holiday that is also marked by the birthday of Nicolau Nasoni, a great Italian architect who left an indelible mark on the city of Porto”, underlines Sergio Crivelli.

About Chef Sergio Crivelli:
Born in Spoleto, recognized worldwide as an important gastronomic center, he lived in Assisi, passing through several Italian cities, such as Terni, Milan, and Rome. The international route in Lausanne (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), London (England), Brussels (Belgium), and Lisbon, among other short stays throughout Europe. Tradition and ambition for entrepreneurship have always known how to lead him to great challenges, such as being trained in the world of cuisine, in the best hotels in major European cities and, thus, having learned and developed his art with the best chefs in the area. , mainly Italian cuisine. Chef Sergio Crivelli is passionate about mushrooms and is one of the greatest specialists in the country.

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