Sérgio Godinho in February in the Coliseo of Lisbon and Porto

The Portuguese musician Sérgio Godinho performs in the Coliseo of Lisbon and Porto in February, was announced today, at a time when he was reissued “Nação Valente”, the artist’s 18th album.

“The concerts in the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto, on February 22 and 28, respectively, will be the culmination of a much-acclaimed return to the songs, to the day-to-day chronicles with which always gives us the pleasure of listening”, reads according to a statement released today by promoter Vachier & Associates and Universal label.

Sérgio Godinho’s most recent album, ‘Nação Valente’, was released in January of this year.

Produced by Nuno Rafael, the album appeared seven years after ‘Mútuo Consentimento’, and in it, Sérgio Godinho again invited some musicians to write songs for his lyrics.

Among them are José Mário Branco, a partner in ‘Mariana Pais, 21 years old’, and Filipe Raposo who composed ‘Noite e dia’ or David Fonseca.

Hélder Gonçalves, Pedro da Silva Martins, Márcia and Filipe Melo are other invited musicians of “Valente Nation”.

Recently, the album had a new edition, “with a second CD recorded in concert with the special appearances of Márcia and David Fonseca”.

“Some of the best moments of the tour that started in February of this year were captured for this reprint and the participation of these two artists justified by their collaboration in ‘Valiente Nation’: David Fonseca composing the music and giving voice to the choirs of the one who would come being the 1st single, ‘Grão da Same Mô’, and Márcia, because Godinho sings it in the only version that presents in this album, with the theme ‘Delicado’ “, reads the communiqué published today.

In addition to themes of ‘Valente’, the extra CD ‘includes even less recent themes like’ À veces o amor ‘, played by Márcia, or’ Balada da Rita ‘, in partnership with David Fonseca.

Despite being known mainly for his albums since the 1970s, Sérgio Godinho has channeled creative writing into other genres, such as theater, film script, children’s fiction, poetry and short stories, in titles such as’ The Little Book of Fears ‘,’ The Blood by a Wire ‘and’ Double Life ‘.

In 2016 he edited ‘Heart more than perfect’, the first novel.

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