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Sérgio Godinho | Nação Valente

Sérgio Godinho, the “songwriter”, is back with “Nação Valente”, the new album and new show. Not that Sérgio has ever disappeared from our lives between “Dear Songs” and “Freedom” of 2013 and 2014, respectively, has yet found time for the “Together” project with Jorge Palma as well as for the publication of the short story book “Vidadupla” “and the novel” Love more than perfect “- but his latest record of originals” Mutual Consent “dates back to 2011.
“Nação Valente” brings us back to the comfort and restlessness that Sérgio Godinho has provided us throughout his career. But it still transports us to poetic and musical territories somehow unheard of in the cantautor’s work and which will surely illustrate his future “best of”, a set of themes that may well represent what has been our daily life at present. decade.
On stage, “Brave Nation” will grow. The songs that make up the album will be joined by other, less recent, more and less well-known songs that will certainly enrich the portrait of this brave nation.

Artistic Sheet
Sérgio Godinho: voice
Nuno Rafael (musical direction): electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, lap steel guitar, keyboard, percussion, choirs;
Miguel Fevereiro: electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, choirs
Nuno Espirito Santo: bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion
João Cardoso: keyboards, samplers, choirs
Sérgio Nascimento: drums, percussion

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