Sérgio Godinho received Career Award in Play

Tribute to the musician featured a special performance by Jorge Palma, Manuela Azevedo and Diogo Piçarra

Sérgio Godinho, one of the most unanimous and transversal names in the history of Portuguese music, received yesterday from the hands of Pedro Adão e Silva, Minister of Culture, the “Career Award” at the Play – Portuguese Music Awards, in recognition by the music industry of the unrivaled role he has played in music for over 50 years.

In a speech of frank and direct thanks that is unique to him, Sérgio Godinho highlighted the path he has taken since 1971, not forgetting to mention his early companions, some of whom have since disappeared, as well as all the musicians, technicians, and professionals who have worked with him, collaborated. Although restrained, it was impossible to hide the emotion at the surprise performance that Os Assessores, the band that has been accompanying him on stage for two decades, had prepared in surprise for the occasion and in which they had the participation of Jorge Palma, Manuela Azevedo, and Diogo Piçarra. A medley specially conceived for the moment, in which four of his greatest songs were evoked – “A Noite Passada” by Jorge Palma; “O Primeiro Dia” by Diogo Piçarra;Espectáculo” by Manuela Azevedo; and, an unprecedented partnership, the three of them, in a vigorous interpretation of “Liberdade”, one of the hymns that Sérgio Godinho composed in his career.

Born on August 31, 1945, in Porto, Sérgio (de Barros) Godinho is, to quote one of his classic songs, the true “man with seven instruments”, with an artistic career of enviable longevity that has lasted for five decades untouchable. Singer, composer, writer, and actor (theater and cinema), he is perhaps, in words, the greatest strength of his work, whether in the written, spoken, or sung version. Allied to music, it is with it that he built what he calls sound graffiti that intervene in our daily lives, making us aware of so many things that sometimes escape our eyes and senses, in some way defining the soundtrack of Portugal in the last 50 years.

To date he has published 20 studio albums; 8 live albums; 7 albums in collaboration with other musicians; 7 collections; 8 collective recordings where he shares the record with other singer-songwriters; 13 guest appearances on others’ albums; and 11 film and series soundtracks, in a total of 74 publications. His most recent records are: studio, “Nação Valente” (2018); live, “Sérgio Godinho & The Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra” (2020); and in collaboration, associating around his work names of national urban music, and curated by Capicua, “SG Gigante” (2022).

At the end of 2021, he edited the book of poetry and photography “Palavras são imagens são palavras”, this being his last publication at the literary level, which includes in his authorial collection: 2 poetry books; 2 novels; 1 short story books; 1 book of chronicles; 1 biography; 1 book of illustrations; 3 children’s books; 1 play; and 1 songbook with two revisions

The distinction now received, which adds to others of a more institutional nature received throughout his creative career, rightly praises the place he conquered in the hearts of the Portuguese people. Even today Sérgio Godinho maintains a unique creative vitality and is certainly the Portuguese musician who most influenced different generations of other creators in the last 50 years of creative life in Portugal.

Sérgio is the “songwriter”.

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