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Sérgio Sette Câmara in an exclusive interview with Eleven Sports

Sérgio Sette Câmara was the special guest of another F1 Eleven 1:1, live, on Eleven Sports’ Instagram. For about 45 minutes, the Brazilian driver talked about his career and future prospects.

Brazilian F1 driver Sérgio Sette Câmara, 22, is currently a test and reserve driver for AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing. Over about 45 minutes of conversation, the young driver talked about his career and his F1 goals.

Regarding his move from McLaren to Red Bull, Sérgio Sette Câmara says: “Actually, I started the year as a McLaren test driver and soon there I had the opportunity to go to Red Bull and asked McLaren to be released. At the time, they had no particular interest in having a reserve driver and let me go to Red Bull. Red Bull is more interesting for my profile.”

Regarding his entry to Red Bull, Sérgio says: “When I took over as a test and reserve driver at Red Bull, I was very clear with Helmut Marko and asked if he would really consider putting me in the car, if the opportunity came up, and he confirmed it to me later, so I believe I can have the chance”.

On the situation of the pilots at Alpha Tauri, Sette Câmara says that: “In recent years, Toro Rosso, now Alpha Tauri, has always changed drivers at least once a year. If we look, this rotation has always happened in the last 4 or 5 years”.


Regarding the possibility of joining F1, the driver says: “Having a good year in Super Formula in Japan and doing a good job in the simulator with Red Bull in F1, I believe I may have a chance this year, who knows. In F1 nothing is guaranteed, as you well know with António (Félix da Costa), he deserved it and did it for that. This F1 world is crazy, things are never guaranteed. But I will fight on the track to increase my chances of getting there.”

As for Formula E, Sette Câmara says that: “Formula E has grown a lot and who knows in a little while Formula E may not be the main category. I would no longer be surprised, I have to be open to all options”.

About Brazil not having a F1 driver, Sérgio explains that: “Brazilian motorsport has a structural problem and what is most disturbing now in this phase is the situation in our country, as our currency is competing against the Euro and the Dollar, and it is an expensive sport. That makes it harder. Brazil is a country with a lot of passion for F1, you talk about F1 with people and everyone takes it seriously and has companies that support it. This F1 path is very difficult, has only 20 places and hardly changes from year to year. My goal is clear, to fight to be on the F1 grid in 2021.”

When asked about Kvyat, Sérgio states that: “They at Red Bull trust Kvyat a lot. We don’t see many drivers in F1 having so many chances, so he must have a lot of credit in the team.”

About the best drivers with whom he competed, Sérgio says that: “The three most complete drivers I have raced in F2 are De Vries, Russel and Norris. These three are well above the average of the very good ones”.

Regarding a possible F1 race in Portugal, the Brazilian driver jokingly states: “The F1 race in Portimão would be the best on the calendar, between the track and the beach all the drivers and teams would love it. If it happens, I believe I would be on the calendar for about ten years. The teams themselves will want it to be a definitive race. ” He added that “It is logical to me that it is very good to have a race in Portugal. I have a Portuguese passport, my family comes from Portugal, both from my mother and father’s side. Portugal is reacting well to the coronavirus compared to other countries. In addition, if you have to run a race later in the year, where it is already cold at the time in the rest of Europe, Portugal always has a great climate. It makes a lot of sense for F1 to go to Portugal and it would be very good.”

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