Serra da Estrela

With one of the largest green areas in the country, the region of Serra da Estrela is the ideal setting to spend a few days in perfect communion with nature.

Lose yourself among verdant valleys and mountains or discover the therapeutic properties of relaxing thermal springs. Here, the bustle of the city lies behind and, just ahead, we find only the intense silence of the mountains and the mountain towns.

In a region as rich as the Serra da Estrela, what you do not lack is opportunities to discover the undeniable beauty of the mountains around you. Explore the more than 300km of trails in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and discover the springs of the largest Portuguese rivers, the stunning glacial valleys of Loriga and Manteigas, or the most fascinating species of birds that nest here.

In winter, Serra da Estrela is the only place in Portugal where you can have fun in the snow with your skis, sleigh or snowboard. Already in the summer, the region’s river beaches are the most obvious destination, but the Serra da Estrela Natural Park also offers you 25 lagoons for a refreshing refuge.

If you visit in June, our invitation to the Fundão Cherry Festival is simply beyond reproach.

In the Ecological Park of Gouveia, you have a unique opportunity to interact with your four-legged friends. The park is not only a “showcase” but an interactive space where you can participate in activities that combine leisure and environmental education in a fun way for everyone!

Do not miss Belmonte, the birthplace of Pedro Álvares Cabral. Discover through the streets and houses of this medieval village the Jewish heritage of the last Sephardic Jews in Portugal.

A relaxing break

Here, nature is truly generous and offers you the freshest springs whose waters contain incomparable therapeutic and relaxing properties.

The Aquadome in the Spa of Unhais da Serra, in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, is the country’s first mountain spa and one of the largest in Europe. The resort combines wellness with leisure, in a unique combination replete with luxury and comfort. In the Termas de Almeida – Fonte Santa you can find the purest waters in a landscape of infinite green. The Cró Spa offers you the perfect escape from the stress of everyday life with medicinal waters and a unique wellness environment.

The resort of Longroiva Termas is especially suitable for the treatment of rheumatic problems, while the Caldas de Manteigas hot springs, in the heart of the mountain hydrothermal region, are the most suitable for treating respiratory diseases.

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