Serra da Gardunha – Activities


Gardunha Ultra Rails (Louriçal do Campo), is held in May
Grelo Festival (Castelejo), takes place in March.
Gardunha Sacra | The pilgrimage itinerary through the sacred places of Gardunha takes place on the first weekend of Lent and is part of the program Fortieth – Cycle of Lenten Traditions and Holy Week of the Fundão Council.
Cherry Festival (Alcongosta) takes place around the second weekend of June.
Cheese Fair (Soalheira), is held on the first weekend of May.
Solstice – Nature Festival (S. Fiel, Louriçal do Campo), held its only edition in June 2013.

Castelo Novo Ancient Music Festival, held in the second half of July.
Chocalhos – Festival of the paths of transhumance (Alpedrinha), takes place on the third weekend of September.
Míscaros – Mushroom Festival (Alcaide), takes place on the second weekend of November.
Levada do Ocreza and Gardunha Route (Louriçal do Campo), interpretative walking tour conducted annually by CantardeCuco – Association of Friends of Louriçal do Campo.
Gardunha Solstice Route, Gardunha Mountain Walking Tour with sunrise contemplation, the trail starts in Casal da Serra passing through Louriçal do Campo and Soalheira, taking place annually in the last week of June,
Feast of Mr. da Misericórdia – New Castle.. takes place first weekend of September.
Serra da Gardunha is also a good place for paragliding.
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