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Serra da Gardunha is an arm of Serra da Estrela, about 20 km long and 1224 meters high, dominated by granite. It is located in Beira Baixa, in the Entre Douro and Tagus massif and between the Pônsul and Zêzere rivers. In it is born the river Ocresa, one of the tributaries of the Tagus.
Once its slopes were populated by dense chestnut woods, planted by El King D. Dinis. In addition to the chestnut woods there were also oak and pine woods.

Shadows and abundant water are not lacking in this magnificent mountain range. Since a few years ago, the fires have devoured and destroyed the existing forests in the mountains. At present the mountain is a green mantle, but without large forests, only one here and another there, with some pines and oaks.

This area is the capital of cherry production in Portugal, especially the parishes of Alcongosta and Souto da Casa.


There are numerous natural viewpoints, from where you can see the Cova da Beira and Serra da Estrela, Covilhã and Belmonte (North) and plains of the Castelo Branco, Penamacor and Idanha-a-Nova (South and East). Serra da Gardunha is also a good place for hang gliding. Gardunha is a haven of unrivaled beauty, where untouched nature embraces dawn and dusk, witnessing the perpetual movement of herdsmen and herds in their seasonal rhythms.

Walk along its pedestrian paths to the sound of crystal clear streams, home to countless animal and plant species. Integrated into the Rede Natura 2000 nature reserve and Naturtejo Geopark, the mountain offers you the hardness of granite and the fragility of the cherry blossom. The Cherry Route is another sweet gift that Gardunha gives you.
Following the course of the waters of Zêzere, venture into the Ouro Negro Trail and discover the variety of crystals of the Minas da Panasqueira.

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