Serra de Monchique (Algarve)

Take the road up to Monchique and at almost every turn you encounter a stunning panorama of sea and mountains. For the broadest vistas, continue as far as Fóia, which at 902 metres is the highest point in the Algarve.

From there the view stretches away on one side as far as Cape St. Vincent (and north to the Serra da Arrábida, near Lisbon), and on the other to Faro and a vast semi-circle of hills.

Picota is 774 metres high, but steeper, and has wide and perhaps even more beautiful views that take in a long sweep of the Algarve and the sea.



The weather is unique like a little ground and high temperatures. You can have a climate of two distinct climates, typical of a temperate zone in the lower regions and a subalpine region already near the highest peaks.

Proximity to the ocean explains the number of fog and hail, such as occasional snowfalls, very high cloudiness, relative humidity, and rainfall. As mild temperatures and summer freshness, they also originate from this complex of climate factors.

The natural vegetation that covers the mountain, in particular, a good indicator of this microclimate is a process of inter-influence of climatic factors, latitude, altitude, proximity to the sea, wind regime and orography. The forest area is large, covering about 85% of the county area.

Most of the municipality is included in the Natura 2000 Network. As surrounding areas of Foz and Picadinha, they are classified as Grade Natural Space with a predominance of eucalyptus, cork oaks, pine trees, arbutus and bushes (rock and heather).

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