Serra de São Mamede: Natural Park

Situated in the heart of Alentejo, near the Spanish border, the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park occupies an area of ​​about 31,750 hectares, spread over a unique landscape, housing various species that must be preserved.

The Park is divided into two distinct areas, the North and the South, with distinct characteristics. The southern zone of the park has a gentle and undulating relief, with an altitude ranging between 300 and 400 m, and the landscape is dominated by pure cork oak and holm oaks. Here the small and medium-sized property is replaced by the large property, with extensive rainfed agriculture predominating, sometimes in association with cork oak and cattle raising.

The northern and central zone, where the mountain itself is located, has altitudes of over 800 m, being an area marked by prominent reliefs, where oaks and chestnut trees predominate, and predominates the small and medium property, with a diversified use that results. consequent partitioning of space.

Its summit, at an altitude of 1025m, is the highest point south of the Tagus, providing unforgettable landscapes from where, on a clear day, one can even see the sea, located more than 200 km away.

The Serra de São Mamede Natural Park is of great ornithological importance and is part of the migratory route of many bird species between Europe and Africa. In its area the Park is home to an important Fauna, with emphasis on the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Eagle Owl, the Black Vulture, the Griffon Vulture, the Egyptian Vulture, the Black Stork, the Gray Kestrel and also Vipers. , Bats, Wild Boars or Otters, among many other species that inhabit here.

The Park also excels in its human aspect, comprising in its domains Alentejo villages, towns and cities of great beauty, but also a great Prehistoric and Paleolithic heritage, with cave engravings, megalithic monuments, castros, Roman ruins, among many other important ones. Heritage legacies that are important to discover.

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