Serra de Sao Mamede – Video

Serra de Sao Mamede is a natural park in the district of Portalegre (Portugal), on the border with Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres). A natural and cultural oasis where Spain and Portugal mix their culture and people since ancient times.

The mountain itself, which lies mostly to the north and center of the park area, with altitudes of over 800 m, is an area landscaped with the crossing of quartzite ridges and prominent reliefs.

In the mountainous area, to the north, the small and medium property predominates, with a diversified use that results from the consequent partitioning of the space: oak, oak and cork oak forests, alternating with olive groves, pine forests and eucalyptus, and rainfed alternating with small irrigated areas. and undergrowth, on the highest ground.

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