Serra do Açor

The Serra do Açor – the fifth highest mountain in mainland Portugal – constitutes the northern quadrant of the territory of the Schist Villages, ensuring the continuity of the Central Cordillera, from the Serra da Estrela.

In its summits, wind towers generate electricity that reaches the whole country.

It is the mother of the Rio Ceira, which starts from its summits in search of the Mondego, which can only be found at the entrance to Coimbra. But it also makes a very strong contribution to the flow rates of Zêzere and Alva.

It is a mountain that for more than a century has been explored by mining, whose main center is Minas da Panasqueira. But also for more than 10 km of tunnels that transfer the waters that feed the reservoir of Barragem de Santa Luzia to the Zêzere River.

This is the mountain formation in schist that reaches the highest altitude in the Portuguese mainland: the Cebola, at 1438 m.

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