Serra do Caramulo

The pure air of Serra do Caramulo is the best that nature has to offer. Located in the transition zone between Beira Alta and Beira Litoral, the mountain range combines forests and areas of undergrowth with crystalline watercourses and small waterfalls, where villages with houses and granary granaries are placidly implanted in the landscape. of 1920, the healthy air of the mountains motivated the foundation of sanatoriums dedicated to the cure of pulmonary diseases in the place, and soon the small mountain town became a health and leisure resort. Come and breathe in these landscapes to lose sight of and renew your strength in the midst of the natural beauty of Caramulo.

To conveniently enjoy the majestic landscape of Caramulo, there are two belvederes that you can not miss while visiting the mountains. Climb up to Caramulinho, the highest point of the mountain range which, at 1076 meters altitude, is the ideal place to enjoy in full the set of mountains with its vegetation and small villages. And do not forget to go to Cabeço da Neve, on the opposite side of the mountain, from where, on days without cloud cover, you can see the vastness of mountains up to the Serra da Estrela.

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