Serra do Montesinho – Natural Park

A taste of rurality is everywhere, well expressed in the villages where traditional houses with shale or granite walls blend so well with the landscape itself. Sometimes its presence is hardly guessed, in an almost perfect harmony between Man and Nature.

Soft reliefs with rounded heads, furrowed by valleys where rivers flow through poplars, alders, willows, huge woods of black oak, chestnut and holm oaks characterize the landscape of this Park.

Scenarios denote soil and climate variations: Verdant in the western part, still influenced by sea breezes, become harsher and open to continental influences in the eastern part. The Coroa (1273 m) and Montesinho (1486 m) mountain ranges constitute the highest points of the Park, where the plowing especially in summer is light and invigorating.

Dominance of schist and limestone stains on the plateaus and granite on the top of the Montesinho mountain range constitute the geological diversity of this space which, together with the climatic variants, give rise to a very varied flora, ideal habitat for animals such as the wolf, the wild boar, the roe deer, deer and about 240 other species of fauna feel safe.

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