Serralves marks 30 years with Siza shows and its own collection

The Serralves Foundation, in Oporto, celebrates its 30th anniversary and the museum’s 20th anniversary in 2019, with exhibitions dedicated to the author of the building, Álvaro Siza Vieira, and to the institution’s own collection.

After starting the year with the British Tacita Dean, Serralves will present exhibitions of the work of the American Susan Hiller, already existing in the collection of the foundation, followed in July, the exhibition ‘Celebrating the Collection – Serralves 1989-2019’, which will remain patent until October.

In September, the House of Serralves receives an exhibition by Paula Rego, which will have as its starting point the core of works by the Portuguese artist in the collection of Serralves, curated by the interim director, Marta Almeida. In the same month, the museum hosts ‘Álvaro Siza – (In) discipline’ curated by Nuno Grande with Carles Muro.

The institution honours the architect and author of this remarkable building, to whom he dedicates an original and critical exhibition on his creative journey of more than six decades,” can be read in the foundation’s business plan.

Before the year ends, there will still be room for the museum to include an exhibition that covers the career of Pedro Cabrita Reis since 1980, also curated by Marta Almeida.

Throughout 2019, Serralves will also receive the exhibition ‘I’m Your Mirror’, by Joana Vasconcelos, from Bilbao, Spain, an exhibition on self-publishing in Porto entitled ‘Do-It-Yourself’, a show by Horácio Frutuoso , the exhibition of Joan Jonas from New York from the Tate Modern, while in the museum and in the park will be presented a showcase of works by Olafur Eliasson.

The president of the board of directors of the foundation, Ana Pinho, classified 2019 as having a “very ambitious programming, totally focused on the anniversary“, also highlighting the opening of the Manoel de Oliveira Cinema House and “the development of the Miró Collection“, renewed attention to the Serralves Park.

The program of 2019 also includes several habitual moments like Serralves in Party, There is Light in the Park and Jazz in the Park, among others.

Questioned by journalists at the end of the presentation about when Serralves will announce the new direction of the museum, headed by Marta Almeida since João Ribas’s departure, Ana Pinho reaffirmed that “it is a process that is underway and will be given] news. ” In relation to the Serralves Park, whose direction is also vague since the departure of João Almeida, Ana Pinho said that there would also be news for soon.

As to whether the program for 2019 resented the departure of João Ribas, after the controversy with the exposition of Robert Mapplethorpe that led the two parties to go to the parliamentary committee of Culture, the chairman of the board said that this is not the case.

I think it’s an extraordinary program that celebrates not only the museum, but the park and the Casa do Cinema, which is a new one. In fact, as you know, the schedules are always thought with some time in advance and especially the one that celebrates the 30 years, so our programming is exactly what we would like to present in these 30 years, “said Ana Pinho.

In 2018, according to data released today, Serralves received the largest number of visitors ever (946,932), up 13% over the previous year.

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