Serralves now includes 100 drawings and 7000 photographs by Álvaro Siza

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There are a hundred drawings and seven thousand photographs from the collection of architect Álvaro Siza that were donated to the Serralves Foundation.

The protocols that substantiate the donation were signed today at Casa de Serralves by the president of that foundation, Ana Pinho, and by architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Carlos Castanheira, who co-signed several projects in Asia with Siza, in a ceremony in which the president of the City of Porto also participated, Rui Moreira.

The collection of seven thousand photographs records the evolution of Siza’s work and documents projects and constructions. This donation also includes the deposit of 50 new models of construction projects built in Asia, signed in partnership by Álvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira, 128 original sketches of Asian projects, and the deposit of more than 90 objects also with documentary value.

An agreement was also signed between the parties that provide for the extension of the deposit term, which went from the five years initially planned to 25 years, of the archive consisting of the projects signed jointly by the two architects, which had already been deposited in Serralves since January 2020.

The ceremony took place in the renovated Casa de Serralves, whose restoration and adaptation project provided it with better conditions to welcome visitors and, in particular, people with reduced mobility.

Ensuring the complete integrity of this iconic building, the project involved the recovery and renovation of structures and coatings that allow for the necessary museological environment to host important exhibitions, such as the Miró Collection, owned by the Portuguese State, guarded by the Municipality of Porto and in deposit in Serralves.

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