Seven arts gathered in the new cine-concert “Lugar para Dois” by Miguel Gizzas

Literature, music, cinema, architecture, painting, sculpture and dance

Miguel Gizzas is the world pioneer in the creation of musical novels (literary novels with music that can be listened to through QR codes).

In 2019, the musician and writer moved towards the launch of another culturally revolutionary concept: a cine-concert where literature, music and cinema intertwined simultaneously. This tour started in Lisbon and ended in New York, having gone through several of the main national theatres.

On the path of finding new ways to tell his stories, Miguel Gizzas now presents his new cine concert, “Lugar para Dois”. This time, the writer and singer-songwriter present an even more immersive cine concert, where we can feel the story of the musical novel “Lugar para Dois” (Leya Award finalist) through seven arts simultaneously, in an absolutely unprecedented world experience.

With the voices of Ricardo Carriço, Júlio Isidro, João Didelet, Sofia Nicholson, among many other actors, we are involved in a magical story, lived between Lisbon and Mozambique. An exceptional novel about guilt, love and what’s left to give those who think they’ve lost everything after all.

The tour starts now!

26 Feb | Tábua Cultural Center | 9.30 pm

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