Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival starts with the Catalans L’Avalot this Sunday in Oeiras

The 29th edition of the festival kicks off with the show “FOC”, by the Catalan theater company L’Avalot, at Parque dos Poetas, in Oeiras.

This is followed by Med 7sóis Orkestra, on July 6th, which brings together musicians from North Africa, the Balkans, the island of La Réunion and the Mediterranean basin, with a set of instruments from Western culture, under the direction of the composer, producer and Portuguese guitarist Diogo Clemente.

The production is original from the Sete Sóis Sete Luas festival and will take place at the Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena.

On July 4th, at the Almeida Garrett Auditorium, the Spaniard Leo Bassi will present a magic show.

Arab-Jewish musicians 7Luas Ensemble perform on July 9, at the Powder Factory in Barcarena, with a show dedicated to the vocal and instrumental traditions of the Arab, Jewish and Mediterranean world, which they synthesize in their program.

This is followed by the Popular Orchestra Sete Sóis da Ilha do Fogo, on July 16, with the participation of Cape Verdean singer Ceuzany. The artist began singing at age 12, was part of the Cordas do Sol group and won the award for best female performer and best traditional music at the Cape Verde Music Awards in 2017.

On July 23, at Fábrica da Pólvora in Barcarena, it will be the turn of Luar na Lubre, a musical group from Spain, with a repertoire centered on traditional Galician music, which approaches with contemporary musical arrangements.

The band Zagala performs on July 30, at Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena, with a repertoire that stems from traditions from the Iberian Peninsula: jotas, ‘seguidillas’, ‘charros’, ‘fandanguillos’, ‘ajechaos’, sevillanas, among other dances .

The new original artistic creation of the Sete Sóis Sete Luas festival will be performed at the Fábrica da Pólvora in Barcarena, on August 6, with a group of six musicians from different sides of the world.

The musicians who make up the group are Custódio Castelo, from Portugal, on Portuguese guitar and musical direction, Bernard Joron, from La Réunion, on sing, Alide Sans, from Catalonia, on sing, guitar and accordion, Moisés Ramos, from Cape Verde, on piano, Tiago Soares, from Portugal, on percussion, and Mario Rivera, from Sicily, on bass.

Another original production of the Sete Sóis Sete Luas festival features the participation of five musicians from the island of Santo Antão, on August 13, also at the Powder Factory in Barcarena, with a repertoire that retrieved themes from the work of peasants and fishermen from that island of Cape Green.

The five musicians who make up the show are Domingos Lima, Rogério Monteiro, Rui Salomão, Roger dos Santos and John D’Brava, with the island singer from La Réunion Gwendoline Absalon, as special guest. The musical direction is by the Italian Mário Incudine.

On August 20, the Brazilian singer Edu Miranda performs, who has a 22-year career in music, and collaborations with musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Mário Laginha, Maria João, Martinho da Vila, Filipa Pais, Pedro Jóia, João Afonso, Rui Veloso, André Sardet, Luís Represas, Isabel Silvestre, Real Companhia, Danças Ocultas and Amina Alaoui. Works at the Gunpowder Factory in Barcarena.

It will also be here, in Barcarena, that the festival ends on August 27, with the southern Italian musical group Parafoné, who were part of the cast of the Orquestra Popular da Calabria, whose projects received artists such as Piero Pelù, Simone Cristicchi and The Dhol Foundation.

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