Sétima Legião celebrated 40 years of caree


The Sétima Legião returned to the stage to celebrate 40 years of career and honour Ricardo Camacho. The concerts took place on the 1st and 2nd of December, at Culturgest, in Lisbon, with a completely sold-out capacity. The audience, in ecstasy, did not get tired of applauding and asking for another encore.

On this return, the Sétima Legião of Pedro Oliveira (voice and guitar), Rodrigo Leão (bass and keys), Nuno Cruz (drums, percussion), Gabriel Gomes (accordion), Paulo Marinho (bagpipes, flutes), Paulo Abelho (percussion, samplers) and Francisco Menezes (lyrics, choirs) also welcomed João Eleutério, an experienced musician who has travelled the world as part of Rodrigo Leão’s band and who now plays the keyboards.

It was in 1982 that Sétima Legião emerged in the then very agitated Portuguese music scene, presenting a unique vision of music in tune with the most advanced experiences of alternative pop at the time, but without forgetting the Portuguese identity. The band left a strong mark on national music production in the 80s and 90s. With these anniversary concerts, Sétima Legião intends to revisit its most applauded classics and give new life to themes such as Sete Mares or Por Quem Não Esqueci, hits of the great impact that even today have a guaranteed place in the programming of many radio stations. It should be noted that the Sétima Legião left musicians who were involved in unique projects in Portuguese music such as Madredeus, Gaiteiros de Lisboa or Cindy Kat, proof that important ideas were rehearsed there that generated fertile descendants.

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