The events sector already dropped 38% in December

With new restrictions announced by the government

The events sector is being strongly affected by the increase in COVID-19 cases as well as by the new restrictions implemented for this Christmas, which means that the parties are returning home to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

APP Fixando has just announced, after an analysis of the movement on the platform between November 25 and December 8 with 8,750 experts, that Portuguese demand for the events sector has already dropped 38% since the announcement of the containment measures cancelling the hypotheses of economic recovery in the sector.

The fall for the entire sector is alarming, as the reaction of the Portuguese was immediate”, underlines Alice Nunes, director of New Business at Fixando.

The company, which links specialists to clients looking for services, is still unable to project the exact drops in the estimated volume of business in this sector, however, if this fall continues until the end of the year, the specialists will not be able to reach the targets financial statements for 2021.

The most affected services, according to Fixando, were equipment rental for parties (-71%), catering for parties and events (-60%), DJ’s (-52%), inflatables (-51%) and spaces for events (-48%).

We still have the hope that, if the measures and the number of cases do not worsen in the coming weeks, the market will adapt again and demand will stabilize“, estimates the same response.

The company also warns that the worsening of the pandemic will equally severely affect other sectors of the tertiary market and that it is necessary for companies and specialists to continue to focus on digitizing and adapting their businesses to a robust response to fluctuations in the pandemic situation.

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