Setúbal receives another edition of the Film Fest with live cinema and music

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The cinema sessions with live music are back in Setúbal, from October 12th to 24th, in the third edition of the Film Fest, with exclusive soundtracks created, among others, by Mão Morta Redux, Tó Trips and Space Ensemble.

The event, organized by the Municipality of Setúbal, with various support and partnerships, shares the pleasure of watching films made to music at the time in sessions for all audiences to be held at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, at Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium and at A Gráfica – Artistic Creation Center.

The presentation of the third edition of the Film Fest – Live Music Film Festival, takes place on the 12th, at 7 pm, in A Gráfica, with several interventions and the screening of “Convite à Viagem”, a film by Germain Dulac, set to music to live by Sara Ribeiro and Alexandre Bernardo.

The event, with sections dedicated to “Ilustres Unknowns”, “Portuguese Cinema”, “Grande Plan”, “Pioneers Women”, “Family Session” and “School Sessions”, counts on the musical participation of Mão Morta Redux, Jorge Salgueiro, Helena Silva, Joaquim Pavão, Space Ensemble, Tó Trips, Filipe Cardoso, Charlie Mancini, Gonçalo Simões and Sara Ribeiro.

The opening session of the festival is scheduled for October 14th, at 9.30 pm, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, with the screening of “Rapsódia Satânica”, a film by Nino Oxilia, set to live music by Mão Morta Redux and voiced by intertitles in Portuguese by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal.

On the following day, on October 15, at 9.30 pm, the Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium receives “Surdina”, a film by Rodrigo Areias, set to music by Tó Trips, while on the 16th, in the same space and time, “Disco 957” and “A Concha e Clérigo”, by Germaine Dulac, with music performed by Helena Silva.

The film sessions with live music at the Film Fest continue on the 20th, also at Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium, with “Um Piano Tuned by Cinema”, a cine-concert for schools, with presentations at 11:00 am and 2:30 pm, with live music in charge of Filipe Cardoso.

On the 21st, the event returns to the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum with the screening, at 9:30 pm, of “Terje Vigen”, by Victor Sjöström, a film with music by Jorge Salgueiro and set to live music in the main theater in Setubal, by Coro Setúbal Voz.

Viagem a Marte”, a set of short films by Holger-Madsen, appears on the screen of Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium, on October 22, at 9:30 pm. The screening of these short films, with music by Gonçalo Simões, are accompanied live by Gonçalo Simões, Josefina Alcaide and Pedro Carvalho.

On the 23rd, there will be a double session at Charlot, first at 15:00, with the presentation of the studio “Sonorização do Cinema Mudo”, with music by Charlie Mancini and live music by Charlie Mancini and users of APPACDM Setúbal, then at 21:30, with the videography “Dentre”, performed live by Joaquim Pavão, Xavier Marques and Isabel Pinto.

The screening of “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, by Lotte Reiniger, on the 24th, at 9.30 pm, at Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium, with live music and music by Space Ensemble and intertitles in Portuguese by Célia David, from Teatro Animação de Setúbal, ends the cycle of exhibitions at the event.

Tickets for Film Fest sessions cost 5 euros for the general public and 4 euros for children aged 25 or over 65. There is also the Film Fest pass, for access to all activities, for 20 euros, if purchased until September 30th, which goes up to 30 euros from October 1st.

The third edition of Film Fest – Live Music Film Festival also has a set of parallel activities, including talks about cinema with Mão Morta Redux, on the 13th, at 7:00 pm, and Jorge Salgueiro, on the 16th, at 4:00 pm, both to be held at the Casa da Cultura.

The complete and detailed program of the Live Music Film Festival, as well as the prices and places to purchase tickets, can be consulted on the event’s official page.

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