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Seu Jorge and Alexandre Pires filled the Altice Arena with Brothers

Altice Arena - Lisbon

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Brazilian musicians Seu Jorge and Alexandre Pires debuted their latest project “Irmãos” Altice Arena, a concert full of joy that has not been seen in Portugal for some time.

Seu Jorge e Alexandre Pires no Altice Arena 2021.10.09 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

With an audience full of fans, Seu Jorge and Alexandre Pires travelled through their best-known themes, in a concert that was a great music festival, before Lisbon, passed by the Pavilhão Multiusos in Guimarães.

Seu Jorge, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and also 51-year-old actor, started his career in 1997, with the band Farofa Carioca, his first solo album, “Samba Esporte Fino”, came out in 2001, in Portugal, debuted himself in 2005 presenting his second album, “Cru”.

Alexandre Pires, 45, started his career in the late 80s in the group Só Pra Contrariar, recorded with the band “Que Se Chama Amor”, seven albums later, starting a solo career in 2001 with the album, “É Por Amor”. His latest album “DNA Musical” is his eighteenth album.

Alexandre Pires and Seu Jorge shared not only their music but also their joy on stage and together shared great complicity, true brothers.

Of course, the fans were eager to see them again, they sang, shouted, danced to their music, such as the longing to see them but also to be able to stand up and dance after the pandemic that drove us away from concerts.

Both Alexandre Pires and Seu Jorge, more than once, thanked the affection of public that was present in Lisbon, for this concert with two fantastic artists.

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