Seven bands at Campo Pequeno’ stage for EA Live

Gabriel o Pensador, The Gift, Capitão Fausto, Diabo na Cruz, Stereosauros, Keep Razors Sharp and Paus are the performers who, on October 12 – next Saturday – will take the stage at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon for EA Live Tickets are for sale and cost 18 euros.

The doors open at 5 pm and the concert of one of these seven bands begins an hour later. The stage will open with Clubs at 6 pm, followed by Keep Razors Sharp at 7 pm. Then Stereosaurus at 20 o’clock.

At 9 pm it is the turn of the Devils on the Cross to enter the stage of the Lisbon room, followed by Captain Faust an hour later.

The evening continues with The Gift (23 hours) and, closing, Gabriel the Thinker, beginning at midnight.

Clubbing will be in charge of DJ Ride, Da Chick DJ Set, Isilda Sanches, Nuno Calado and Isac Ace.


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