Seven Portuguese wonders to discover this winter

Winter has settled in Portugal, but there are still reasons to pick up the backpack and go in search of the most beautiful places in the country, even gloves and scarves.


Situated in the north of the country and a few kilometres from Spain, Bragança offers enchanting winter landscapes that you will hardly forget. Roofs painted white by snow, streets covered with history and gastronomy of crying for more, promise to make this one of the places to visit in the colder months of the year. You can venture through the castle walls, admire the beautiful Fervença River and visit countless churches, shrines and museums that occupy the centre of the city.


Ponte de Lima

In winter, on sunny days and very cold, Ponte de Lima, one of the oldest villages in Portugal, becomes an even more captivating destination. On foot and accompanied by a camera, visit the famous medieval bridge and explore the churches, parks and shrines scattered throughout the historic centre. If you have the opportunity, discover the charms of the Minho lots in Estorãos and Bertiandos and the protected area of the Lagoas.



The beauty and immensity of the Serra do Gerês make this place the ideal destination for nature lovers. In winter, tranquillity is felt, challenging a trip through stunning scenery. Start by treading the rails of the hills and relax to the sound of the water movement of the streams and waterfalls. Discover one of the oldest sanctuaries in Portugal and enjoy visiting the granite houses of the village of Brufe. In the municipality of Montalegre, you can also observe the picturesque landscape formed by several stone houses and green fields, in the village of Pitões da Júnias.


Serra da Estrela

For lovers of winter sports, there is also a suggestion: the Serra da Estrela. With lots of cold and snow, there will be plenty of fun in this region of Guarda. You can climb the mountain of almost two thousand meters and contemplate the panoramic view that surrounds it, or explore some places in the region of the truly stunning borders, such as Loriga, Linhares da Beira, Poço do Inferno, Alvoco da Serra and Covão da Ametade.



Located northeast of Guarda is Monsanto, a quaint village with granite houses and single-tile roofs. In a walking tour, you will visit some mansions, Manueline portals, belvederes, cliffs and churches full of history. When you reach the top of Cruzeiro de São Salvador, another place to visit, allow yourself to spend a few minutes enjoying the scenery. It will be worth the cold!



Any time is good to know Coimbra, but in winter the old capital of the country gains another charm. In the city, you will have the opportunity to discover universities, monasteries, churches, museums, farms and recreational and educational parks that will love the whole family. In downtown Coimbra, the most dynamic area of the city, you will find shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. Not being one of the most sought after destinations in the country, Coimbra has an undeniable beauty and offers a wide range of activities, inviting you to stay for a few days.



Leaving the north and centre of the country, already in the Alentejo we find the small village of Marvão. Located in the Serra de São Mamede region, in the district of Portalegre, this village of more than 850 meters high was built on top of a mountain. With churches, chapels, museums, convents and a breathtaking view, Marvão also offers various walking and cycling tours and delicious typical gastronomy.

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