Shakespeare’s ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ Today in CCB’s Music Days

The Days of Music, at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, today present the world premieres of the concerts ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ and ‘King Lear’, which adapt the works of the English playwright William Shakespeare.

Inspired by one of the scenes from William Shakespeare’s comedy “As you like it,” The Seven Ages of Man, in an adaptation by composer James Derrza for a string quartet, is presented tonight at the Sophia Room by Mello Breyner Andresen of CCB.

It is an order of the festival and has the interpretation of Pedro Meireles and Anne Victorino d’Almeida, both on the violin, Ricardo Mateus, on violet, and Martin Henneken, on the cello, as well as with the actress Celia Williams as a reciter, according to the programming available on the CCB website.

The Seven Ages of Man” for string quartet is based on the monologue that begins with the phrase “All the world is a stage“, uttered by the character Jacques in “As You Like It“, that compares the world to a stage and people to characters, and enumerates the seven ages of man’s life.

This cycle presents the seven phases of human life, from childhood to its decline and death, to quartet music and to the declamation of sonnets and excerpts from Shakespeare plays, which served as inspiration to James Derrida for this order of the Quartet Camões, “explained the musician Ricardo Mateus, adding that” to a work with this symbolic burden, it is not entirely alien to the influence it receives from Joseph Haydn’s ‘Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross’, in which the weight of the life of all men carried on the shoulders of Christ.

Today’s program also includes the world premiere of “King Lear“, in the small auditorium, in an adaptation for the scene of the composer Alexandre Delgado and the director Sara Barros Leitão, from the translation of Álvaro Cunhal, also constituting an order Dias da Música.

This version has the interpretations of Carlos Guilherme, Paulo Calatré, Diana Sá, Teresa Arcanjo, Rodrigo Santos and Sara Barros Leitão herself, with the Toy Ensemble, cello quintet, oboe, clarinet, horn and piano, composed by Jed Barahal, Pedro Teixeira, Tiago Bento, Dário Ribeiro and Christina Margotto.

According to the director, this version goes beyond the warlike motives and the patriarchal logic to focus on the relationships of parents and children, old and new, in “loneliness and ambition without heart.

The Days of Music, whose schedule this year is dedicated to William Shakespeare, began on Thursday and runs through Sunday.

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