Shame are returning to Portugal

Lisboa ao Vivo

With a new album on the way, the British Shame are preparing to return to Portugal on March 18, for a concert at Lisboa ao Vivo.

Tickets are now on sale at, and at the usual places.

After having announced a new album, with a release date set for February 2023, the British band shame, considered one of the main ones responsible for the return of the punk sound, returns to the road to present new and much-anticipated themes.

Known for their energetic performances, capable of infecting the entire audience, the Londoners will pass through Portugal on their European tour, promising to once again draw applause from fans and critics. The concert takes place on March 18, at Lisboa ao Vivo, and in addition to songs from their next album, Food for Worms, the public can also expect visits to hits by the punk band that reverberate throughout Portuguese lands.

It is recalled that the band formed by Charlie Steen (voice), Josh Finerty (bass), Eddie Green (guitar), Sean Coyle-Smith (guitar) and Charlie Forbes (drummer) released their first album in 2018 (Songs of Praise), highly praised by critics, revolutionizing post-punk at a time marked by Brexit. Now they are back with their third studio album that already has a new single – “Fingers of Steel“.

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