Shared bikes in Lisbon exceed one million trips

The shared bicycles of the Gira network have already accounted for more than one million trips and there are currently more than 19 thousand “annual active passes”, according to EMEL – Municipal Mobility and Parking Company of Lisbon.

As Gira has already made more than 1,120,000 trips, currently having 19,200 annual active passes, three thousand monthly passes and 8,800 daily passes sold“, according to the note sent to the newsrooms.

EMEL also states that it will maintain the “45-minute travel offer” for users who purchase annual or monthly passes.

The annual pass costs € 25 per year and is “valid for 365 days as of the day of service subscription“, but can only be purchased by residents in Portugal.

The Gira also offers the option of a monthly pass, which has a cost of 15 euros and a validity of 30 days. Also, this service is only accessible to residents in the national territory.

The daily pass costs two euros and is valid for 24 hours, but can be used by residents in Portugal or abroad.

Gira – Bicicletas de Lisboa went into operation in September 2017, with a previous testing period, which began in June.

In a balance sheet made in late October, EMEL reported that 400 bicycles and 74 stations were available in the Parque das Nações, Alvalade, Campo Grande, Avenidas Novas, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade, Telheiras, Areeiro, Lower and riverfront.

The latest expansion of the bicycle network Gira was in June, “EMEL’s intention is to do everything in its power to advance with the planned installation plan of the Gira, as soon as possible,” said the company in the height.

New facilities are also planned in the city, which represent mostly an increase in density of areas already served, but also the extension of the network of stations from Santa Apolónia to the western limit of the municipality in Algés,” added EMEL in October.

In evaluation would also be the extension to the Amoreiras, Avenida Almirante Reis, Olive groves or the connection between the Campo Grande and the deterrent park of Ameixoeira.

In general, EMEL made a “very positive” assessment of the first year of the Gira network, which even “exceeded expectations“.

To prove it the verified usage levels, which are equal to or higher than many of the most mature and internationally successful systems, such as Paris, London or Barcelona”, was mentioned.

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