Shopping and surveys skyrocketed 20.5% to Web Summit hitch

Figures released by SIBS reveal that the British were the ones that made the most operations during the technology summit.

The number of purchases and withdrawals increased 20.5% year-on-year during the Web Summit, according to data released by SIBS on Tuesday. Most of the transactions were in the restaurant sector and supermarkets.

But there is more to know about the profile of ‘buyers’. According to data provided by SIBS, “UK visitors were the ones who made the most transactions during the Web Summit”.

Visitors from France, the United States, Spain and – to complete the top five – from Spain followed.

Last year, the French citizens were the ones that made the most transactions here, with the United Kingdom occupying the first place.

Despite the 20.5% increase seen in this edition, the strongest year-on-year growth occurred in 2017, when transactions grew by 46.3%.

Which sectors have benefited?

The transactions of the visitors also reveal a lot about the type of consumption. As expected, the restoration led, benefiting from 36.5% of the movements. This is followed by supermarkets (12%), transport (8.9%), housing (7.7%) and fashion (6.6%).

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