Show “Dancing in the Rain” debuts in Portugal on October 28th

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Initially scheduled for May last year, the premiere, in Portugal, of the Russian contemporary dance show “Dancing in the Rain” will take place on October 28 at Coliseu dos Recreios!

“Dancing in the Rain – Iskushenie” is an original show by the Contemporary Dance Company of St. Petersburg, conceived by Rustam Nadyrshin (Director/ Choreographer), where 11 incredible dancers dance under heavy artificial rain, in an artistic performance, but also sporty.

Considered the best show in the country for three consecutive years, “Dancing in the Rain” brought together more than 3 million spectators in Russia, northeastern Europe and Germany, an unforgettable experience! “Dancing in the Rain” is a show with various styles – classical ballet, contemporary, folk, modern jazz, hip-hop, breakdance, acrobatics – and with a touch of humor in the interpretation that arrives in Portugal on 28th October.

The 11 dancers that make up the performance, in addition to being charismatic, perform a show of another dimension, for two hours, a perfect combination of the highest level technique and surprising rain!

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