SIC enters the ‘Mimosa come snack’ party, hosting the biggest snack ever

Today the biggest snack ever takes place to mark 50 years of the Mimosa brand – ‘Mimosa Vem Lanchar’.

Andreia Rodrigues, Ricardo Pereira and Francisco Garcia are the SIC faces calling on Portuguese families to be present from 2 pm on Saturday, October 14th, at Doca da Marinha, in Lisbon.

Awaits an afternoon full of fun, inflatables, trampolines, live cooking, workshops and of course, the moment when we will sing congratulations to the brand that has been part of us for 50 years.

In this space created for the great Mimosa party, with a unique view of the Tagus, Carolina Deslandes, Diogo Piçarra and Rita Rocha are the musical protagonists.

Starting from a challenge from the Mimosa brand, this event is the result of three months of preparation work, in a production in partnership with Mindshare, SIC and Doca da Marinha.

Mónica Serrano, General Director of Atelier Impresa says “We are expecting thousands of people this afternoon. I don’t think anyone has ever had a snack like this in Portugal. For us, Atelier Impresa, it is an enormous pride to be partners to organize and amplify this great party on such a special day for a Portuguese brand that is part of our life.”

“A celebration like this is very special for us: Mimosa’s 50th anniversary also coincides with the 25-year partnership between Lactogal and Mindshare. It’s going to be an unforgettable party, without a doubt a Boom Snack! For us, it is an honour to be in the history of Mimosa, a brand that is part of us and all Portuguese families, every day of the year.” reveals Teresa Oliveira, Managing Director of Mindshare.

“This party is a tribute to all Portuguese families, who have trusted us since 1973. Celebrating 50 years, with an event of this size, is very impactful for the brand, and we believe it is also the same for all Portuguese people who are part of this great story, of this great brand.”, says Teresa Bruno, Brand Development Coordinator, who also highlights Mimosa’s social concern with food waste and recycling, where partnerships with the movement “Unidos Contra o Desperdício” will take place at this event. ” and with Sociedade Ponto Verde.

‘Mimosa Vem Lanchar’ has free entry, with prior registration at Doca da Marinha is located 150 meters from the Terreiro do Paço station and 150 meters from the Terreiro do Paço river station.

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