Siemens Portugal to create 400 jobs in digitization by 2020

Siemens Portugal will invest more than 20 million euros in digitization by 2020, of which 15 million in the expansion of the IT skills centre and in the creation of 400 jobs, the company announced today.

This investment joins the five million euros that the company had announced in June that would apply to boost the digitization in Portugal, which brings to a total of 25 million euros the planned investment in this area.

In a statement, Siemens Portugal said that “a quarter” of this investment reinforcement (five million euros) will be directed to “complete renovation and modernization of a building, to respond to new concepts of work, betting on spaces of co-creation and ideation. ”

The remaining 15 million euros will be invested in the creation of 400 new “highly specialized” jobs in the area of information technology (IT), within the scope of the expansion of the Lisbon Tech Hub, an international IT competency centre that the company has in Portugal.

Currently, 600 people with a “special focus” in cyber-security, artificial intelligence and robotics already work in the Lisbon Tech Hub, and with the approximately 25,000 software engineers who are part of the Siemens global team, “explore the potential of digitization in all areas of company intervention, from industry to energy, through infrastructure and transport. ”

According to Siemens Portugal, the new jobs to be created will be mainly in the areas of Cloud Backend Developer – AWS, Mobile Developer (iOS / Android), Project Manager – Cyber Security Penetration Testing, Cyber Security – Cloud Security Specialist ‘and’ Big Data – IoT / Analytics Architect ‘.

In addition, the company says it has 56 recruitment processes underway for the Lisbon Tech Hub, for a total of 81 open positions.

The commitment of Siemens AG in Portugal will also be translated into the installation in the country of a new research and development unit, a team that integrates the central research and development department of Siemens AG (Corporate Technology) and will work, in a first phase, in an energy storage project for the residential market.

Cited in the statement, the executive president of Siemens says that the investment now announced: “reinforces the strategy” defined by the company for this area in Portugal.

“In the first half of the year we announced that we were going to invest five million in digitization, and now we have the enormous satisfaction of being able to announce that we are going to invest five times more, a total of 25 million euros linked to digitization, an investment that will greatly benefit the national economy, “says Pedro Pies de Miranda.

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