SIL awards 2019 distinguish excellence in real estate in Portugal

The SIL Prizes of Real Estate distinguish annually, the projects, companies, and professionals of the sector. The projects for the competition are evaluated by the Strategic Council of the Real Estate Exhibition of Portugal (SIL) 2019.

At the 22nd edition of the Portuguese Real Estate Exhibition (SIL) 2019, the biggest event in the country’s sector, organized by the AIP Foundation, will once again be awarded the SIL Real Estate Prizes, which distinguish annually what is best done in the Portuguese real estate market.

The SIL Prizes of Real Estate that began in 2010, are of the oldest in Portugal. The jury is composed of the SIL Strategic Council.

This year, the competition categories are:

· Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency

· Best Real Estate Development: Trade, Services and Logistics; Housing and Tourism

· Urban Rehabilitation: Housing; Tourism; Public spaces; Offices and Commerce and Services

In addition to these awards, each year the SIL Personality and Excellence Awards are also awarded.

The dissemination and attribution of the SIL Real Estate Prizes will take place during the fair at FIL – International Fair of Lisbon, between October 10 and 13, with the first two days being dedicated to professionals and the weekend of 12 and 13 to the general public.

The applications are currently underway and can be delivered until September 13.


SIL 2019 more dynamic and innovative

The SIL company has more than one role for the edition, the participation of more than 380 companies and more than 20 thousand square meters occupied. This year, it promises great news. Among them the renewal of the image and a new schedule.

The SIL is a fair that crosses the topics of the sector, promotion, mediation, banking, services, municipalities, and public entities. Not forgetting the companies of rehabilitation, architecture, engineering, sustainable construction, energy, construction and public works, commerce, retail, offices, and tourism.

Again, you can participate in various activities that are already a reference. The SIL Cities that go to a city invited to present the structuring projects, as well as the.

In SIL 2019 you have the possibility to download an APP, SIL EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES, with a SIL Plant and its indications that the companies that have the same conditions of acquisition of services are not SIL.

Being Portugal an investment destination for many foreigners, this year, the “Silence of a choice of Portugal”, “residents and distinguished personalities”, will reveal the reasons that led them to choose our country to live.

See edition 2 “Luxury Edition SIL luxury, a space where they represent several luxury and prestigious brands, from the most varied sectors, real estate, automobiles, beverages, fashion, among others.

Also in October, SIL will receive the 10th, the 2nd edition of SIL INVESTMENT PRO, where the main challenges for the sector, such as investment and foreign investment in Portugal, will be discussed. You are online and international of different nationalities, focusing on the Spanish market as well as Investment Funds.

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