Silente publishes homonymous album on November 6th

Ninguém Tem De Saber” is the 2nd theme that serves as a presentation for Silente‘s debut album written by Miguel Dias and Frederico Pereira. The voice, as in the other themes, is that of Filipa Caetano. The theme also features the participation of Miguel Ângelo who ensured the drums and percussions on the disc, and, in this theme, he plays tabla, a percussion musical instrument of Indian origin.

This will probably be the simplest theme on this album and, possibly, the one whose end result will be closer to pop. Even so, the taste for experimentation and the search for a unique and unrepeatable sound prevails, which extends throughout the entire album. “Ninguém Tem De Saber” is based on a keyboard connected to guitar pedals, while the tabla, in one of the 2 tracks with which it was recorded, has an associated delay.

Silente is the new project of Miguel Dias (ex-Rose Blanket) and Filipa Caetano, and with the collaboration of the writer/poet Frederico Pedreira in the lyrics.

The album is the result of a patient maturation that spanned the period 2015-2019, during which the taste for experimentation contributed to lengthen, without haste, the entire creative process. The first recordings date from 2015, in Mindelo, and recordings were also made in Figueiró dos Vinhos, during 2017, to capture drums and percussions. However, most of the recordings were made at home by Miguel Dias, who still made the mix.

Mastering was done by Miguel Pinheiro Marques (Arda Recorders).

All the themes were written by Miguel Dias, who also provided a large part of the instrumentation. The voices are by Filipa Caetano, who had already collaborated with Miguel Dias on Rose Blanket’s last album, Nothing Ahead Nothing Behind. Miguel Gomes (guitars in 2 themes and some percussions), Miguel Ramos (bass in 3 themes) and Miguel Ângelo (drums and percussions) also participated in the album.

This first, homonymous album, to be released on the 6th of November, will be available on all the usual digital platforms (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes etc), as well as on the project website on Bandcamp.

The physical edition was limited and a way is being considered to reach people who want to have the disc in CD format, since it was decided not to use the usual sales spaces and it is also not possible to sell at concerts, since these will not exist. As for the absence of concerts, this is not associated with the current context, having been an option taken by Miguel Dias at the time of Rose Blanket’s last album. At the same time, Miguel Dias intends to focus at this point on starting the recording of part II and the last part of Silente.

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