Yes, I’m… Simone

Simone de Oliveira's career closing show.

A celebration of 65 years of songs.

Yes, I am … Simone is a show that revisits the timeless sound of Simone’s songs through modernity, new musical and image languages, using her usual irreverence and fearlessness, which makes her always contemporary, applauded for several generations in different contexts, from big stages to motorcycle concentrations to rock concerts, in the freeway he was, is and will be in life, and where his work has been guided by a sound in constant evolution.

Thus, it is understood that a celebration and farewell at the height of this artist’s 65-year career will only make sense with an attitude in which the future is envisioned by sublimating the past.

With the Musical Direction of Maestro Nuno Feist, Simone will let herself be carried away by surprising musical arrangements, where the deep connection that unites them will be one of the most beautiful ways to thank all the musicians and conductors who accompanied her over all these years.

Author: Fátima Bernardo and Nuno Feist
Project Director: Fátima Bernardo
Musical Direction: Nuno Feist
Direction and Direction: Henrique Feist
Production Direction: Francisco Ribeiro – Storm Productions
Technical Director: Paulo Santos
Poster Image: André Mano
Graphic Design: Cristiana Santos

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