Since Sunday, marine prairies in Troia have 67 pounds less of garbage

A group of 39 volunteers collected 67 kilograms of garbage on the sea prairies in Troy.

As part of the ‘Shelling without Garbage’ campaign, last Sunday a garbage collection action took place on the sea prairies that culminated in the collection of 67 kilos of garbage, 13 of which were glass and plastic.

This was already the 40th action of the campaign carried out by Ocean Alive and was attended by 39 volunteers.

On Facebook, the organization reports a “grey Sunday morning” in which, along with garbage collection, volunteers were able to contemplate the surrounding nature.

As the dolphins passed, we discovered an octopus, fish, anemones, stars and sea-carrots, sponges, bryozoans and hydrozoans, algae, cuttlefish eggs, squid, of stingray and of sea-slugs, “they describe.

At the same time, the group collected hundreds of cotton swabs and dozens of packaging lids, small and large plastics. “We left the beach with less 67kg of garbage and we went to recycle 13kg of glass and plastic”, they exalt.

The ‘Shellfish Free’ campaign, which aims to cleanse the Sado, underlines, “responds to the global problem of plastic in the ocean and aims to sensitize shell fishers not to leave the thin salt containers empty at the tide.

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