Single and video by Fuga ft. Beatriz Nunes available in digital format

With the entrance of spring, FUGA gives birth to a new theme where musicality flourishes with a very special guest: Beatriz Nunes (also a singer on the latest Madredeus records) brought the meaning that FUGA’s voice needed for “Nós”.

Despite being part of the pop-rock genre, the band often intends to experiment with new records and create music outside of expected standards. “Times change, wills change”, said Camões, and time will undoubtedly be the engine that will set the project in motion and will help to escape the box (or leave, if you prefer), incorporating, in the new creations, elements of other musical genres.

From the summer of 2019 to February 2020, the newly formed band FUGA released the singles “Momento Por Chegar”, “Amanhã”, “Realidade Onírica” and “Nasce Assim”, where they showed that the path will always be a musical and visual surprise, but that the language of Camões will be a constant.

FUGA – Nós ft Beatriz Nunes
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